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Gender and Politics (GaP) Repository

GaP Repository is a one-stop source for accessing timely and relevant resources for aspiring young women political leaders in South Asia.

Our extensive resource pool is meticulously curated to include research insights, inspiring stories, legal and compliance procedures, resources on training and leadership development and practical how-to guides. 

GaP Repository is committed to empowering women in politics, making it a free and accessible platform for young women seeking growth and learning in electoral politics.

The guidance note focuses on women in politics but it applies to violence against women in public life more broadly, including that perpetrated against women human rights defenders, journalists, and those active in civil society and other areas of public life.

UN Women

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The resources are constantly being updated by our volunteer team. If you have any feedback about the repository or would like to see new features and resources added, please email us at Thank you!

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