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Gender Observation Guide for Indian Elections 2024 

Date: 26 March 2024

An open-source guide, providing guidance and resources for observing the upcoming Indian Elections with a gender lens.

Who is this Guide for?

  • Journalists covering the Indian elections

  • Researchers analysing the elections

  • Civil society organisations and election monitoring groups

  • Public policy professionals and students interested in gender and politics

We encourage you to download the guide by clicking below and use it to analyse the upcoming elections from a gender lens. Share it with your networks, engage in discussions, and use it to advocate for gender-responsive electoral reforms. Together, we can make a tangible difference in promoting inclusive and representative democracies in India.

The guide is developed by CGAP directors with additional contributions from Rishika Todi, Kaushiki Singh Shrinet and Fateen Ahmed.

We thank Dr.Devanik Saha, Sakshi Hallan and Dr.Bhumi Purohit for taking the time to review this template and offer suggestions. This template is inspired by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq UNAMI’s election analysis work and our own election analysis of Nepal's local elections held in May 2022.

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