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Young Women At The Ballot

Insights on Young Women Voters’ Experiences and Decisions

Natasha Singh, Madhubanti Talukdar, Sugandha Parmar

Published on 12th August 2023

Young Women At The Ballot  Insights on Young Women Voters’ Experiences and Decisions

Commemorating International Youth Day, CGAP is publishing its report on Young Women Voters in India on August 12th, 2023. As we also prepare to celebrate India’s 76th Independence Day, this report is a contribution towards India’s democratic strength and its commitment to SDG 5 Gender Equality.

Our research presents various factors that influence the decision-making of young women in India. The report ends with key recommendations and is accompanied by an article that indulges in a commentary on the findings. The findings are based on a nationwide survey of 928 young women across 30 states and UTs in May-June 2021. The report and the article reflect upon the political consciousness, voting experiences and decisions of young women voters and also provide insights into what may deter this section of voters.

Vamsi Viraj and Sugandha Parmar reflect on the insights generated from the survey. Read below

Keywords: Voter Behaviour, Women and Politics, Young Women Voters

Our team

Researchers & Authors

Natasha Singh

Madhubanti Talukdar

Sugandha Parmar

Data Processing

Sakshi Hallan

Rishika Todi

Anandita Bardia

Design & Comms

Nishant Pawa

Nikita Bhatia

Natasha Singh

Project Management

Akhil Neelam

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