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Worth Asking 

Gender, Politics & South Asia

Imagine a world where the voices from political spaces in South Asia become a part of global discussion on gender and politics.  A world where political aspirants draw inspiration from political careers of women and reflect upon allyship; cleaning up the sexist portrayal of women from the mainstream. This is the world we envision with our interview series, Worth Asking.

For this season, we converted our written interviews into a podcast! Give us a review to support us.

All interviewees in this series are electoral candidates, position holders across various governance levels, and political party members from South Asia.

Thank you for tuning in to our podcast! We express our gratitude to 81 donors who made this year's podcast possible.

Podcast host: Aditi Rindani, Ex-RJ Radio Mirchi, Media and Gender Consultant

In collaboration with Tatvam Productions

We thank every team member at CGAP who played a part in making this happen!

Research & Inputs: Renjini Rajagopalan, Vatsla Srivastava, Nirmalya Kanungo & Ragini Puri
Fundraising: Kaviya Sekar, Vasundhra & other volunteers at CGAP
Quality Check: Natasha Singh, Vatsla & Aiswarya C
Editing and Content Management: Sugandha
Project Management: Akhil Neelam

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