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GaP Repository

GaP Repository is your knowledge hub with a curated collection of academic papers, training modules, government publications, tools for aspiring women political leaders and more.

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The GAP Repository is a pioneering initiative designed to centralize and democratize access to resources related to gender and politics. Hosted on CGAP's platform, this repository serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub, offering a curated collection of academic papers, training modules, government publications, and more. With its user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, the GAP Repository aims to bridge the information gap, catering to researchers, aspiring women leaders, organizations, and anyone passionate about gender and politics. Dive in to explore, contribute, and collaborate as we strive for a more inclusive political landscape.


About the GAP Repository 


Launching now is a glimpse of our vision for the GAP Repository. While we work towards our full-scale solution, this initial offering provides a taste of what's to come. 


GAP Repository, an initiative by CGAP, is a meticulously curated collection dedicated to the intersection of gender and politics. Drawing inspiration from renowned institutions like the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, our repository aims to be a beacon for those navigating the vast expanse of gender and political studies.

Challenges Addressed:

Knowledge Gap: Despite the rich political landscape of South Asia, there's a noticeable void in gender-specific research. 

Resource Accessibility: Aspiring women politicians face challenges accessing consolidated and relevant capacity-building resources.

Our Solution: 

The GAP Repository is a one-stop knowledge hub, offering resources on women’s political representation in South Asia. From academic articles to training resources, we cater to researchers, aspiring politicians, NGOs, and anyone passionate about gender and politics.


Unique Features: 

Tailored Content: Resources organised by audience type for relevant access.

Collaborative Platform: Led by CGAP, we encourage community contributions and feedback. 


Hosted on CGAP's official website, the GAP Repository is more than a collection; it's a community. 


Dive in, contribute, and collaborate. 


Your insights are invaluable to us. We warmly invite feedback and suggestions, ensuring the GAP Repository remains a dynamic, evolving space that caters to the needs of its community.


For inquiries, reach out at

Contributors: Natasha Singh, Nishant Pawa and Riya Gangwal

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