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GaP Repository

GaP Repository is your knowledge hub with a curated collection of research, inspiring stories, legal and compliance procedures and training resources for aspiring women political leaders.

GaP Repository

The GaP Repository is a pioneering initiative designed to centralize and democratise access to resources for aspiring women leaders in South Asian politics. Hosted on CGAP's platform, this repository serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub, offering a curated collection of research, training resources, inspiring stories, government and legal procedures for young who want to grow their careers in politics.


Dive in to explore, contribute, and collaborate as we strive for a more inclusive political landscape.

Your insights are invaluable to us. We warmly invite feedback and suggestions, ensuring the GAP Repository remains a dynamic, evolving space that caters to the needs of its community.


For inquiries, reach out at

Contributors: Vatsla Srivastava, Anushka Bellani, Nishant Pawa, Apala and Natasha Singh

Technology: We are proud to have been part of the ‘Force For Good’ program by JP Morgan & Chase (JPMC). A dedicated team at JPMC made significant contributions to the development of the project. The team members include Sistla Karthik, Indira Saraswathula, Sowmya Donti, Nishith Srivastava, Manaswini M, Vasavi Thodupunuri, Navya Iyanampudi, Harika Endrala, Ramya and Sibaji. We also thank Sweta Singh and Anitha Pratap from JPMC for facilitating this collaboration. 

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