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Who are we?

Centre for Gender And Politics (CGAP) is a think tank based in India that contributes to a high-quality scholarship on the intersection of gender, politics and South Asia. We are a platform for researchers, policymakers and the public to engage in a positive discourse on furthering gender diversity in politics with contextual nuances of South Asia as a focus.

Candy Cotton

We Believe

Gender Inclusion & Diversity in Politics =

Gender Equal Society

The gender equality symbol consists of a circle, an arrow sprouting from the top right part of the circle, a cross sprouting from the bottom of the circle, and an equal sign in the center of the circle

Our Work

We focus on producing research to build platforms for awareness, knowledge sharing, capacity building and policy design


We rely on donations to support our work

We are eligible to receive donations only from Indian citizens


Through our flagship initiative, Women for Politics, we are committed to replacing narratives that define women as victims, with recognition and celebration of women's achievements as political and community leaders.


  • Beyond Victims series highlights the achievements of women political leaders and change-makers from across South Asia. 


  • The Worth Asking interview series brings to light the perspectives on politics as a career choice for women and also the role of men’s allyship in Indian politics.


  • In 2020, the Women, Power and Politics project brought interviews with progressive South Asian women political leaders exploring various aspects of women’s political participation and representation

Young Women At The Ballot: Insights on Young Women Voters’ Experiences and Decisions

Our research presents various factors that influence young women's decision-making in India. The findings are based on a nationwide survey of 928 young women across 30 states and UTs in May-June 2021.

Friendships, Networks and Solidarity: Women’s Political Participation through Self-Help Group Memberships (Pilot Study)

Our peer-reviewed study attempts to gauge how women’s organising and mobilisation through SHGs is translating into political agency at the local level.

Latest in Studies and Reports

Gender and Politics

A one-stop source for accessing timely and relevant resources for aspiring young women political leaders in South Asia

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