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Roundtable Discussions

Our roundtables are a first step towards creating a platform for early career researchers and tenured researchers to come together to work towards research on gender diversity, inclusion and the participation of all genders in politics in and across South Asia.

CGAP organised its first roundtable on 19th June 2022 with academics and researchers from different fields working towards gender and politics who brought in recent field experiences during the pandemic and also decades of research experience on the subject in South Asia. During this roundtable, we discussed challenges in researching across different approaches, navigating through these challenges and the future scope for researchers.

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The proceedings below capture key insights from the roundtable and reflections of discussants with respect to their individual experiences, challenges in research and the future scope. Our team has put in a significant effort in encapsulating important pointers from a 3 hours long discussion to benefit early career researchers and those who are keen on studying political participation and representation of women and gender minorities in the South Asian context.


  1. Afiya Zia, Visiting Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University, USA

  2. Chulani Kodikara, Visiting Lecturer, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

  3. Irma Clots-Figueras, Professor of Economics, University of Kent, UK

  4. Poonam Kakoti Borah, Assistant Professor, Gauhati University, India & Sensitivity Reader at CGAP

  5. Proma Ray Chaudhury, PhD, Dublin City University, Ireland

  6. Shandana Khan Mohmand, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK & Associate Fellow, Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS) Pakistan

  7. Shraddha Chatterjee, PhD Candidate, Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies, York University, Canada

This roundtable was moderated by Sakshi Hallan, Member, Technical Advisory Unit of CGAP.  Notes and Proceedings by Sugandha Parmar, operations were led by Akhil Neelam and further contributions by Ishita Gupta.

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