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Worth Asking Book

Through conversations with Indian political leaders, Worth Asking Interview Series aims to create awareness on women’s political careers and men’s allyship.


All interviewees in this book are electoral candidates, position holders across various governance levels, and party members from 10 states and 1 Union Territory belonging to 9 political parties.


These interviews aim at the following:

  • Offering insights for policy, legislative and academic research in the area of women’s political leadership & men’s allyship.

  • Bringing role models and their stories closer to aspiring young political leaders, especially women.

  • Creating a platform for political leaders to discuss gendered experiences and navigation of the same in political spaces.

  • In the long term, creating an attitudinal shift in the yardstick for women in politics from feminised bodies to political agents, along with the role of allies.


The Worth Asking team deserves appreciation and acknowledgement for their unparallel spirit, volunteerism, constant support and contributions during our background research, transcriptions, translations and outreach.


We hope you enjoy reading!

Shipping across India

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